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Whether water comes from a natural resource (stream, lake, water table or rainfall) or a public drinking water network, generally it needs to be treated before it is distributed and used.

Traitement des eaux de source

Surface water:

In most cases, surface water inside land has low mineral content. However, it does contain natural or anthropic suspended matter and organic matter, in greater or lesser quantities depending on the climactic conditions and the surrounding urban and industrial development.

Underground water:

Underground water, which is formed by the infiltration of rainwater into geological layers, presents mostly low solid and organic matter content. Dissolved salts and metals, provided by rock dissolution, are often present in high quantities. Although less vulnerable than surface water, underground water is no less subject to anthropic pollution, of which nitrate and pesticide discharge from agricultural activities are the most significant examples.

Drinking water:

Although it perfectly meets its sanitary requirements, the quality of drinking water from the public supply network is often still too low for certain industrial and collective applications. When it is used, its characteristics may undergo major modifications: calcium and carbon imbalance due to a rise in its temperature, giving it a scaling character or developing bacteria. Chemical (scaling and corrosion inhibitors, dispersal, bactericidal, etc.), filtration, ion exchange and ultraviolet treatments may be necessary to avoid this deterioration.
TRESCH TRAITEMENT DES EAUX will implement the equipment necessary for treatment according to each customer's specific requirements:
clarification, coagulation, flocculation, oxidation, decanting, sand filters, active carbon filters, disinfection, ion exchange processes, membrane processes, etc..