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Dissolved salts precipitate as limescale on the surface of walls under the combined effect of a rise in temperature and their concentration in the boiler. Steam cycles' top-up water will therefore always be more or less demineralised, according to the boiler's service pressure.  The dissolved gases, oxygen and carbon dioxide, which are the main factors responsible for corrosion, will be eliminated more by thermal degassing. This treatment will be completed by chemical circuit treatment to:
  • Eliminate the residual oxygen
  • Sequester and disperse the mineral mud
  • Make the thermal exchange walls passive to control corrosion
  • Neutralise the carbon acidity of the condensation returns

Traitement de l’eau des chaudières

TRESCH implements complete boiler water treatment solutions:

Installation diagnostic

  • Steam production and associated water consumption analysis
  • Operation optimisation

Supply of the most suitable untreated water treatment equipment

  • Filtration, softening, demineralisation, reverse osmosis, dosage units, etc.

Treatment product supply

  • A range of products with specific actions to treat boiler water and steam. (MAJOVAP, CARBOVAP, OS93, ET61, ET64…)
  • A range of mono products for overall treatment (MAJO62, MAJO61, MAJO94, etc.)

Treatment monitoring

  • Supply of the analysis equipment and products customers need to monitor their treatment.
  • Establishment of the boiler log book.
  • Chemical assistance contract from our after sales department