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Domestic hot water is the water used in industrial environments to wash equipment and in collective environments (hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, etc.) for showers and sinks.
The water which supplies these networks, which is distributed by the public network, will vary in quality according to region and the pretreatment carried out.
Depending on this water quality, the following problems will be observed on the domestic hot water networks:

  • Scaling
  • Corrosion
  • Micro-organism development  

"Decree of 1st February 2010 relative to the monitoring of Legionnaires' disease in domestic hot water production, storage and distribution installations. "



Traitement des eaux chaudes sanitaires

TRESCH TRAITEMENT DES EAUX implements complete domestic hot water treatment solutions:

Technical and administrative diagnostic (Decree of 1st February 2010)

  • Network evaluation, supply water analysis
  • Production and associated water consumption analysis
  • Operating optimisation, conformity

Supply of the most suitable equipmen

  • Filtration, softening, dosage units, etc.

Treatment product supply

  • A range of products developed specifically to treat this type of circuit.
  • MAJOSIL ST: Film-forming, anti-limescale.
  • MAJOSIL CL+: Film-forming, anti-limescale, bacterial protection (Legionnaires' disease prevention)
  • ALG600: Disinfection

Treatment monitoring

  • Supply of the analysis equipment and products customers need to monitor their treatment.
  • Establishment of the monitoring plan and the maintenance plan
  • Chemical assistance contract: Chemical monitoring by our after sales department
  • Regulatory "Legionnaires' disease" bacteriological analyses
  • DHW network disinfection