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Traitement des eaux des utilités

Steam circuits:

To avoid mineral salt precipitation under the combined effect of its concentration and the high temperatures encountered, steam boiler top-up water is always treated.
This treatment is completed by chemical treatment. 

Cooling circuits:

Cooling towers, closed cooling circuits.
Cooling circuits are subject to numerous problems: scaling, corrosion and micro-organism development. The top-up water and circuit water must be treated to resolve these problems.
For cooling towers and evaporative condensers, TRESCH TRAITEMENT DES EAUX has developed a treatment principle which meets the regulatory requirements of the ministerial decree of 13th December 2004 for combating the development of Legionnaires' disease in this type of circuit. Thanks to its experience in this area, TRESCH TRAITEMENT DES EAUX may also provide assistance for the administrative part of these cases.

Domestic hot water:

Domestic water is intended to produce domestic hot and cold water, heating and air conditioning. Without complementary treatment, the circuits and appliances which come into contact with this water is often subjected to significant corrosion, scaling, mud build-up of micro-organisation development problems, threatening the output and longevity of the installations or generating health risks (Legionnaires' disease, etc.).